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We provide tutoring services for kids ages 4-18. Our tutoring services have been carefully developed by teachers to provide the highest quality assistance to your child's education. Tutoring services are provided in-person and online, whichever is convenient for your child. Tutoring may be combined with a childcare and/or transportation booking. Book a lesson using the link below or contact us using the form. We look forward to helping your child excel in their education!

Note: $2.00/km is added for bookings that require the tutor to travel further than 15km

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How it Works

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Select the subject and age group

Select the subject and age group that you would like to book a tutoring session for.


Choose a tutor

Review the tutors who are available to provide the service you are looking for. All of our tutors are highly qualified. You may contact us at if you have any questions about the tutors.



Use our online booking system below to schedule a tutoring session. Bookings are made minimum 3 days in advance. Please describe any specific requests you may have when you make the booking!

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